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We are a local builder and manufacturer of various industrial machineries and parts. Our key services include building Special Purpose Machineries, Precision Parts Manufacturing, Component Repair and Overhaul, and Mass Production.
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10-inch Wet Tile Cutting Machine.

Our 10″ Wet Tile Cutting Machine ia a great value for the occasional installer or those who are mobile with their projects. It comes with an 10-in. continuous rim diamond blade for cutting ceramic tile, slate, marble and granite. The direct-drive, 1-1/2 HP, 220 volt, AC motor (inverter) is powerful enough for quick and repeat cuts, with automatic thermal overload protection to prevent overheating. The paralel bar with linear bearing assembly allows the motor to glide smoothly with minimal vibration for precise cuts. The water tank tower sistem evenly distributes water flow, extending the life of the diamond blade. Includes a knock-down stand with level adjustment attachments for easy mobility and storage.

Metal Waste Compactor

Our hydraulic metal waste compactor provides the most effective system to your ideal waste compaction. The sturdy structure of this high-strength metal waste compactor enables substantial reduction of wate volume due to its high compaction rate and thereby reducing the cost and need for extraneous transportation.

Automatic Concrete Roof Tile Machine

Our machinery can produce a wide range of profiles, fittings, and accessories. It consists of a mixer, and a hydraulic press unit. Mixture of materials is prepared and processed by the mixer, and automatically loaded into the press unit that will mold the concrete paste into roof tile final shape based on the specified molding profile.

Concrete Block Machine

Our concrete block machine can be used to produce a wide range of profiles. This manual machine is equiped with vibration system to produce concrete blocks and paving blocks. It is very suitable for start-up businesses as well as medium enterprise, and even large-scale manufacturers who are seeking low-investment in manufacturing equipment.

Concrete Mixer

Our concrete mixer is very compact and simple to use. It is used together with our Concrete Block Machine to mix the raw materials together for production. Ideally, one unit of Concrete Mixer can serve up to two Concrete Block Machines.

Buffing Machine

Our precision Buffing Machine can be used for buffing and polishing parts with different shapes and materials. An example of buffing machine application is for motorcylce rim manufacturing process. It is used to polish motorcylce rims in final stage before leaving the manufacturing area for plating or chroming.

Dust Collector

Our dust collector is used in different industrial settings to enhance the quality of air around the manufacturing area. The unit consists of a blower, dust filter, a filter-cleaning system, and a dust receptacle or dust removal system. It is designed in such a way to handle high-volume dust loads. Our dust collector can be used as a stand-alone equipment or combined with other devices as a part of air pollution control.

Automatic-Manual Industrial Folding Gate

Our Automatic-Manual Industrial Folding Gate is made of steel and coated with poly eurethane paint for elegant look and fine finish. Hinges between linkages are corrossion resistant. The system is constructed from linkages that can fold and unfold automatically as well as manually (in the event of power cuts), a control panel with electronics for operating the gates, and an auto-manual switch lever.

Scissor Lift Table

We provide Scissor Lift Tables in a wide variety of configurations. It is efficiently designed, each is customizable to your specifications, and can lift loads of any size and capacity. We will also work with you to determine travel reqirments, load capacity, environmental and safety needs, and more.

Pneumatic Press Machine

Our compact and easy to operate Pneumatic Concrete-Block-Machine_2Press Machine can be used in wide range of industries. An example of the Pneumatic Press Machine we made in the past was for pillow packing process. Pillows are put into individual plastic bags, and pressed into certain thickness using this Pneumatic Press Machine, and immediately sealed using a sealing machine.

Super Long Acrylic Bending Machine

Our compact and easy to operate Pneumatic Our acrylic bending machine can be used to bend acrylic sheet, organic sheet, pvc foam sheet, etc. To certain angles or radians up to 3.5 meter long (max. Thickness of 5 mm). The rigid structure of the bending plates will help user to perfectly get the best result of their bendings.

Motorcycle Chain Feeding Machine

Motorcylce Chain Feeding Machine is a special purpose machinery designed by our engineers to help workers align the motorcycle chain links in certain direction, arrange, and lock them with a bayonet for further process.

Freight Elevator

We build freight elevators to carry heavy loads and to withstand tough working conditions. We offer different freight elevator styles based on your desired application and specific requirements. An example of Freight Elevator we made in the past was the one we built for a textile manufacturing company.

WIP Conveyors

WIP (Work-In-Process) Conveyor is used to transport a workpiece from one station to another, and from one process to another process. An example of WIP Conveyor use in industry is for motorcylce rim production where the temperature of WIP motorcylce rims are to be lowered to certain temperature before they go to the next process.

Bearing Pressing Machine

Our hydraulic Bearing Pressing Machine is used to press bearings into steel casing; displace the traditional pressing method characterized by high labor intensity and low safety standard. Operator only need to load the workpiece manually, the pressing is done automatically.

Wooden Palette Nailing Machine

Our wooden Pallette Nailing Machine is a solution suitable for companies which start the wooden pallet or wooden cable spool production and for the ones which need to satisfy special orders or limited volumes without engaging the main plants.

Industrial Sliding Gate

Our Industrial Sliding Gate is a heavy duty sliding gate that is operated automatically using an electric motor. It is ideal for large industrial gates requiring an intensive use solution. The gate is made of steel and coated with poly-eurethane paint for heavy duty use. It is equipped with lever release mechanism to switch from electrical to manual system in the event of power cuts.

Grinding Machine

Our precision Grinding Machine can be used for grinding different shapes and materials. One application is for motorcycle rim grinding.

Rim Wrapping Machine

Our Rim Wrapping Machine is suitable for wrapping rim, tires, and any other similar shaped products. Once the tire is placed on the locating wheel the package wrap is tied in place, select settings for speed and press the fully automated button to activate the packaging process.



We manufacture different kinds of machinery shafts with different materials for any specific applications.


We manufacture different kinds of bushings with different materials (mainly bronze) for any specific applications.

Sealing Roll

High precision sealing roll is used in sachet sealing process that requires perfect sealing of final products.

Auger (Dosing)

A high precision auger with different pitches and diameters is used in dosing process of powder-form products.

Weaving Nozzle

Precision nozzle made of special steel material is used in the weaving process of automatic weaving machine.

Garment / Tailor Chalk Moulding

The Garment/ Tailor’s Chalk Moulding made of aluminum with special logo on one side of the chalk, and plain on the other side. The moulding consists of 120 pockets, and they are detachable. Equipped with moulding holder for precision production work.

Display Rack

Special purpose display rack made of stainless steel material for automotive rim display purpose in showrooms.

Stainless Water Tank

We manufacture 5,000 Litre and 10,000 Litre of Stainless Steel Water Tank for different applications. An example of its application is for hot water tank reservoir used in textile industry.


We manufacture different kinds and sizes of gears with different materials for any specific applications.


We manufacture various types of panels: control panels, capacitor panels, instrumentation panels, and others. All of our panels are customed, the material as well as the finishing or coatings.

Perforated Metal Container

Our Perforated Metal Container can be used for many degreasing, treatment, and coating applications. It is fully customized with different materials and sizes, and it is stackable.


All of our tractors are produced by Mahindra Yueda (Yancheng) Tractor Company Ltd., China. Our products include: Walking Tractors, Four Wheel Tractors, and Farm Implements.
If you are looking for a high quality tractors and equipment with good after-sales service support, please do not hesitate to contact us. Experience the JINMA difference and see why our performance is superior.

Walking Tractor

DF-12/DF-12L Walking tractors
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DF-15/DF-15L Walking tractors
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DF-18 Walking tractors
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Four Wheel Tractors



Farm Implements

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